Integrate Zoom into Nearpod to easily start Zoom meetings from within your Live Participation Nearpods and have your students join both with one code. This is a popular and widely used app to prank call friends. Hackers have been hijacking video conferences and online classrooms on the popular software Zoom, in a frightening trend emerging amid the coronavirus pandemic, the FBI warned on Monday. May 21, 2015. Piper Rockelle Call - Fake video call with Rockele. Then drag to the top right with three fingers. Once you've got Snap Camera on Zoom, you'll be able to use that as your primary camera in the app for your conference calls. Zoom-bombing, also called Zoom-raiding, is a type of online trolling, Coleman said. Originally released on the Xbox 360 Indie channel, Prank call was a smash hit and became one of the platform's top sellers. Captain-titanic. The Fool App - as the most versatile April Fool's app, you can scare, trick, or confuse your friends. Documentation is available on the Zoom REST API for IM chat.